Syndicated Features

GO  SPACE KITTY Science Fiction Magazine is a crazy comic strip on the Internet about a Super Hero Kitty that SAVES HUMANS from their own blundering disregard for nature and determined self-extinction. ROXY ROX is a reporter for the L.A. KITTY TIMES to hide her true identity as GO SPACE KITTY; champion for  TRUTH JUSTICE and the KITTY WAY!

TomatoMan Farm is a small farm. No chemicals. No fertilizers. pesticides or herbicides. No GMOs.  A manageable "mini-farm" that can be recreated anywhere. It is a perfect plan for community gardens, churches, schools or any group that wants to have a healthier life and save a lot of money!

The Valor Files is a selection of stories about veterans with distinction.  Master Sergeant, John Sincebaugh (right) is a veteran of honorable mention. John served 34 years including working in Washington, D.C. at The Pentagon with one of America's military giants,  General Douglas MacArther.

honor: high respect, esteem, a privilege; distinction, recognition, glory, pride

Kerri Zane is the leading lifestyle expert for Single Moms. Kerri is an Emmy Award Winner, an Executive TV Producer, a best selling author and a dynamic iconic entrepreneur. Kerri is a champion for single moms. She is a special kind of leader with charm, grace and pizzazz.  Her relentless positive outlook and energy makes Kerri Zane a pioneer for Single Moms, their uniquely challenging situation and their fight for equality. IT TAKES ALL 5 is a must read for men and women alike with understanding.

SAVING THE BEAUTIFUL LAKE A Quest for Hope by Susan Peterson Gateley is a comprehensive portrayal of the earth's H2O. Humans are faced with the total destruction of clean drinkable water.  Ergo the extinction of life on the planet.  Susan is an author, book publisher, biologist, sailor, educator, and documentary film maker. Most of all, Susan Peterson Gateley is the ultimate advocate for The Great Lakes. Join Susan's grass roots fight to save the biggest ecosystem in the world.

The Shakespeare Guy is dedicated to bringing the world of Shakespeare and classic literature to as many people as possible. Making the written word fun and accessible is key for everyone to realize their potential. The Shakespeare Guy is currently building the 'truthspaper' Syndicate to give voice to local communities in the hope to solve civil issues with civil solidarity and free press.