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Toronto is home to over 180,000 university students with world class institutions.
Ryerson School of Journalism is a leading program for the discipline of professional journalism for 60 years. The award-winning faculty is highly experienced with high-tech facilities and long standing relationships with Canadian Media and Media related entities in Canada as well as on the international scene.
RYERSON SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM is education with integrity of the highest level using a code of ethics rules for all journalists. Two publications and an active Alumni Association are a few more features the program has to offer. 
Toronto Academy of Acting for Teleivision & Film is a professional vocational school. This conservatory for acting in these disciplines is a leading institution world wide. It is the cnly school of it's kind in Canada that has access to the complete network of all fim and television projects in Canada and international industry markets.
The Royal Conservatory for Music "As a global leader in music education and the arts, we believe music has the transformative power to unleash imaginations and develop minds. For over 130 years, we have helped over 5 million people to develop the discipline and creativity need to achieve personal growth and realize their potential."

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THE ROYAL CONSERVATORY FOR MUSIC is an eduction that inspires hope. The deep profound history of all notable conservatory work is to develope special talent and genius. The destiny of an honorable future world will be led by such pure souls dedicated to a selfless discipline for the good of all. Bringing people together with music is the common language binding us all to a timeless sharing solution. Hopefully we listen and find a humanitarian path to a sustainable survival.
Toronto Academy of Acting for Television and Film is education with practical experience and close interaction with leading experts in the industry. This kind of "in-the-work" global access to the world and disribution of entertainment is difficult and rare outside of Los Angeles.

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education: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction; an enlightening experience

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